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Where do I Start?
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The first question most people ask, once they decide to build a new home is
       ... WHERE DO I START?

At the risk of making it sound too easy, it really isn't as hard as you may think.

1) Of course you need to decide on  the floorplan you want to build.  We offer a free design service to help you with this.  We start with your basic idea, or something you've seen and let it grow from there.  You are not limited to the plans in our collection or our manufacturer's plans.  Custom means a lot more than simply moving a wall, adding a window or door or upgrading cabinets and appliances.  To us, custom means custom, from baths ... to kitchen... to bedrooms ... to living and dining rooms - we design each room for you at no additional charge.

2) We visit your property.  This is very important.  We check the entrance to the property, the roads leading to it, location of electric poles, clearing needed for home and location of utilities.  This all needs to be done for your home delivery and the plot plan, which is necessary for the building permit process.

3) We'll make an appointment with you to complete a contract.  You will need this to secure your financing and obtain your prints for the building permits.  We'd like to recommend the Citizens Savings Bank 570-253-2560 (ask for Dawn Lehutsky) or the Honesdale National Bank 570-253-3355 (ask for Steve Fritz) for financing. 
Financing usually goes easier & smoother with a bank that is familar with the product and your builder.  You will need the following for your financing apppointment:
   a) Deed to the property
   b) Copies of any mortgages or loans on the property
   c) W-2 forms for past two years
   d) Tax returns for past two years
   e) 2 current payroll stubs
   f) 2 current bank statements
   g) If you're selling an existing home, take a copy of sales contract with you
   h) Take a copy of our contract on your new modular home

4) Once the financing is approved we start the permit process.  We'll need a map of your property and a copy of your perc test.  If you don't have a map of the property or a perc test, we have a surveyor and excavator that can get this done for you.   In most cases, you will need - Building, Zoning, Septic and in some cases a Driveway Permit.  If you are in a community you will also need a building permit from them.  We will do the paperwork on all of these and obtain them for you, all you need to do is pay for them.

5) Once the permits are obtained, the bank will arrange a closing date for you.

6) This is basically the procedure for most cases, although each case is unique, you will find this is very close.  If your contract with us includes our doing the site preparation, we can start as soon as your mortgage is closed.  We have found that our doing the entire job usually goes smoother, therefore we prefer to do it this way.  However, some purchasers prefer to do the site preparation work.  This can be done, but remember work has to be done and site ready on your delivery date.  Keeping this in mind, it is very important to get the site work going as soon as possible to avoid problems.

7) The final step and the one we most enjoy, is obtaining your final inspection and "Certificate of Occupancy".  You can then move in your new modular home.


Questions??? Call us at 570-253-1481